CONTEMPORARY MIXED MEDIA ARTIST





                    Rapresented Artist Member at Fogue Gallery in Georgetown, Seattle, WA


                    Represented by Saatchi Art





 Was born and studied in  his native Turin, Italy. Moved to Seattle from Los Angeles in 1987

 where he lives and makes art.


   Art Press


   Grand Image, Seattle ( 2004)

   CoCa 35 Live, Seattle (2016)

   Starry Night Program (New artists to look out for), New Mexico (2017)

   CoCA “Make America Create Again”, (Seattle 2017)

   Circle Foundation for the Arts ( Lyon, France 2018 )

   CoCA " Creativity Persists", (Seattle 2018)

   Italo-Americano Newspaper cover page article " Leonardo Lanzolla create a colorful Universe all on its own"       ( Los Angeles,CA), 2018.



 Artist Statement


 My art is always intended as a poetical, ephemeral, visionary navigation of my senses, using colors to express  the conducive energy of the Characters and Creatures from my visual experiences and their environment, deconstructing the esthetic  form. The fluid properties of the paint reveals to me a glimpse of a shape, a form that I can capture and let  arise with my creative unintentionally informal painterly/carving compositions.

 I explore the life and influences of my characters, and their dialogues in an almost not gravitational  environment, bringing forward an eclectic perception of my process.






 2018 Gallery110, Seattle, WA

 2015 Home Street Bank Fremont, Seattle, WA

 2015 Anne Art and Frame Gallery Ballard, Seattle, WA

 2013 Bathers of the moon, bathers of the sun. ( B2 Fine Art Gallery, Tacoma, WA

 2012 Selected Auction Gig Harbor Memorial Museum , WA

 2011 Fine Arts Italy Gallery, Seattle, WA

 2011 For Art Sake  Gallery Gig Harbor, WA

 2010 Fine Arts Italy Gallery Seattle, WA

 2010 Art source for  Design  Gallery Scottsdale, AZ

 2010 Icicle Arts Gallery, ( Wanachee Valley Museum) Leavenworth, WA 

 2010  Rubensteins Gallery Showroom, Design Center, Seattle, WA

 2009 Calamity Jane Gallery, Seattle, WA

 2008  Original Global Art Gallery, Stockholm  (Sweden)

 2007  Pitcairn Scott Gallery, Seattle, WA

 2006  Anonimo Italiano Cotemporary Fine Art, Seattle , WA

 2000  Lead Gallery, Seattle, WA

 1998 Farfalla  Gallery, Seattle, WA

 1996 Seattle Yacht Club, Seattle, WA

 1996 Moss Bay Gallery, Kirkland, WA

 1996  Bird Gallery, Portland, OR

 1996  Period Gallery, Seattle, WA

 1995  Circle  Gallery, Seattle, WA

 1994  Art Salon Gallery, Seattle, WA

 1992  Opus De Artes Gallery, Tacoma, WA

 1990  The Bell Gallery, Seattle, WA





 2020 Around The Square Group Show at Studio 103, Seattle, WA

 2019 Fogue Studios Art Opening and Gala at University House, Issaquah, WA

 2019 Texture, NYA Gallery, New York, NY

 2018 Call of Walls, Van Der Plas Gallery, NY, New York

 2018 Holiday Members Group Exibition, Gallery110, Seattle,WA

 2018 2ND Annual Doctors Without Borders,

         Fundraiser, Tarot Card Themed Art and Experience,

         MMXVIII Halloween, Group Gallery Exhibition,

         Phylogeny Contemporary, Seattle,WA 

 2018 Small Portraits 8"x 8" Group Exhibition, Contemporary33, Chicago,IL

 2018 "Taos Art Insurgency: The New Protagonists", Green Moon Art, DAFA, WilderNightingale Fine Art,Taos,NM

 2018  "Creativity Persists" , CoCA Seattle(Center on Contemporary Art), Seattle,WA

 2017  Holiday Artists Mebers Show, Gallery110, Seattle, WA

 2017 "Together, We Rise", Group Exhibition,Kapland Bl. Gallery, Seattle,WA

 2017 " Incoming", Gallery110, Seattle,WA

 2017 Phoenix Gallery, New York

 2017  "Make America Create Again", CoCA, (Center on Contemporary Art), Seattle,WA

 2016   Bumbershoot  Art exhibit, Seattle, WA

 2016 Centennial Art Gallery, Kent Arts Commission, Kent, WA 

 2016 Emerald Art Center,  Springfield, OR

 2016  "35 LIVE..",  CoCA (Center on Contemporary Art), Seattle,WA

 2014 Twilight Artists Collective, Seattle, WA         

 2014 The Gallery, Bainbridge Island, WA

 2014 Original Global Art Gallery, Stockholm (Sweden)

 2013 Gallery  Denovo, Ketchum, Idaho

 2013 Ward-Nasse Gallery, New York 

 2013 Art Noveau – French Bordeau Auction Exibit,  Microsoft, Redmond, WA

 2013 Carco Theatre, Renton Arts Commission, WA

 2012 South Seattle Comm. College Gallery,  Seattle, WA

 2009 Shoreline Comm. College Gallery,  Shoreline,  WA 

 2008 Festa Italiana art exhibit , Convention Center, Seattle,WA

 2008 Arts West Gallery, Seattle, WA

 2006 The Artists Corner Gallery, Issaquah, WA

 2004 600 Bldg. Gallery, Seattle,WA

 2004 Bettina Gallery, Seattle,WA





 2009  Obe ( Women National Soccer Team),  London, UK

 1994  Museum De La Commanderie, Bordeaux,  France 

 1993  Fred  Hutchinson Cancer Society,  Seattle,WA



 2019 SwissArtExpo, Zug, Switzerland

 2019 Bellevue Art Museum Art Fair,WA 

 2017 Art Spectrum, Miami, FL



 2020 Selected artwork for Artist Trust Annual Fine art auction and Gala, Seattle,WA

 2019 Selected artwork for Fogue Gallery,1st Annual Fine Art Auction, Seattle, WA

 2019 Selected artwork for Pratt 37th Annual Fine Art Auction, Seattle, WA

 2018 Honorable Mention Award for the Circle Foundation for the Arts (Lyon, France)

 2016 Selected with 3 art works for 2016 Bumbershoot Fine Art Exhibition,  juried Art Competition, Seattle, WA

 2016 Selected for The Summer Art exhibition at the Centennial Gallery for the Kent Arts Commission Portable  Art works, Kent, WA

 2016 Emerald Art Center Spring exhibition, national juried Competition, Springfield, OR

 2008 International Exibition of Contemporary Art, (Biennale, Palazzo Pitti, Firenze), Italy

 2006 International Art Exibition.” AU  NATURAL ” (  the Nude in the 21st century).

 curate by Tacoma Art Museum M. Bulloc Catsup Community College, Astoria, OR 

 2001 ART FORUM Magazine, (painting selection) with Ward Nasse Gallery,  New York

 1993 Eastern Washington Watercolor Society, Tri Cities, WA

 1993 Hankie  Modern Art Gallery, Seattle, WA

 1993 Publication Winner,  Queen Anne News, Seattle, WA



 Leonardo Lanzolla Art Studio

 Phone: 206-890-1042




 Instagram: @llanzolla


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